Instructor: Ye Zhang (MEASURE-BiH Technical Director)

Time: 12/12/2016 – 12/14/2016

Description: Building on the "Introduction to STATA" course we provided last year, "Program Evaluation with STATA" was designed to teach knowledge tools for BiH researchers to develop basic STATA programming skills to carry out impact evaluation of development interventions and public policies. This course also provides participants with the essential tools, both theoretical and applied, for a proper use of microeconometric methods for policy evaluation and causal modeling, such as regression adjustment, difference-in-differences approach,  and panel data model.

The course consists of a series of examples illustrating the basic analysis required in an impact evaluation, these examples and data analyzed in the course include the U.S. National Supported Work (NSW) Demonstration, the U.S. Panel Survey of Income Dynamics (PSID), the U.S. Current Population Survey, a "Negative Income Tax” (NIT) experiment with TANF users, David Card and Alan Krueger "Minimum Wages and Employment: A Case-Study of the Fast-Food Industry in New Jersey and Pennsylvania”.

Particular focus was given to the interpretation of the empirical results and ways to communicate econometric results to general public.