MEASURE II leads the development of a formal Collaborating, Learning, and Adapting (CLA) framework for USAID/BiH and support integration of the CLA into the Mission’s development programming. The overarching purpose of this component is to empower all USAID/BiH stakeholders to implement enhanced evidence-based decision-making by learning from one another, continuously improving programming through adaptive management, and bolstering coordination of implementation processes. Constantly improving gathering, understanding, and application of data and information increases the likelihood of achieving desired development outcomes in a changing environment.

Collaborating, Learning, and Adapting (CLA) is a set of practices that help improve development effectiveness. Learning has always been part of USAID’s work, and most USAID missions and implementing partners are already practicing CLA in various ways and the next goal is to make CLA more systematic and intentional throughout the Program Cycle.

In the simplest terms, integrating collaborating, learning, and adapting throughout the Program Cycle can help all practitioners address the development challenges by thinking through:

  • Collaborating: Are we collaborating with the right partners at the right time to promote synergy over stove-piping?
  • Learning: Are we asking the most important questions and finding answers that are relevant to decision making?
  • Adapting: Are we using the information that we gather through collaboration and learning activities to make better decisions and make adjustments as necessary?
  • Enabling Conditions: Are we working in an organizational environment that supports our collaborating, learning, and adapting efforts?

For an overview of CLA, you can take a look at the online, self-paced Introduction to CLA in the Program Cycle course. You can also access the broad range of CLA resources at the following links:

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