brief assessment of basic education in bIH - THE FOLLOW-ON

The Brief Assessment of Basic Education in BiH: Follow-on was conducted by MEASURE-BiH in 2018 to identify new developments and challenges in basic education in BiH (preschool, primary and secondary education). Through this assignment, MEASURE-BiH team assessed differences in reform approaches and implementation and innovative practices in teaching across country. In particular, the assessment team addressed following questions:

1. What have recent and on-going intervention and reform processes led by local and international actors accomplished that could serve as a basis for USAID/BiH intervention?

1.1.How do efforts and advancements in education differ by canton and/or municipality? If USAID took a phased approach to education programming, which regions would be the best to begin programming?
1.2.Are there any excellent innovation practices in teaching that are being pursued by different players (individual schools, cantons, entities), institutional and others, and is there any way to build on those synergies?

2. What is the most important challenge(s) and/or opportunity(ies) that could be the subject of a possible USAID/BiH $7 million basic education intervention in 2020–2024, based on gaps identified from situational analyses and upcoming developments (PISA/lack of students–school reduction)?

The assessment team used a mixed-methods approach in the data collection and triangulation methods in the data analysis. The team used following data sources for the assessment:
  1. Desk review of relevant documentation and data;
  2. Semi-structured key informant interviews with local and international stakeholders engaged in basic education interventions;
  3. Quantitative data from secondary and primary sources; 
  4. Official statistics on education published by the BiH Agency for Statistics.

More detailed methodology used by the assessment team, as well as assessment findings and recommendations are provided in the Assessment Final Report (see below).

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