As part of MEASURE II, to increase collaboration and strengthen the capacity of underutilized local institutions with deep roots in BiH who can deliver high-quality evaluations and public policy research, MEASURE II launched a grants program in 2021. In collaborating with local institutions, the MEASURE II grants program will help USAID/BiH place local systems at the heart of the achievement of sustainable, resilient results and strengthen commitment and capacity for MEL in BiH. Under this program, the School of Economics and Business (SEBS) was selected to partner with MEASURE II and received the Partnering for Excellence in Evaluation and Research (PEER) grant under contract valued at $415,100 in March of 2021. 

The objectives of the MEASURE II grants program include:

  • Objective 1. Continued training in social science research and evaluation methods and techniques. PEER will collaborate with The Evaluators’ Institute (TEI) to provide opportunities for additional researchers to learn key methods and techniques of social science research and evaluation, further building the cadre of individuals available to conduct the research necessary to inform evidence-driven policy in BiH and to inform USAID/BiH’s programming. 

  • Objective 2. Design and introduce a monitoring and evaluation course for undergraduate and/or graduate university education. These courses will train researchers to develop and disseminate research so that policy can be informed by rigorous evidence. It will also provide USAID/BiH with well-trained local researchers who can study the effects of USAID policies in BiH and provide contextual data for program design. 

  • Objective 3. Establishment of a COE for evaluation and policy research. SEBS will use its rich base of TEI-certified evaluators to conduct surveys, evaluations, studies, and sectoral assessments. Faculty members will also provide hands-on courses and training experiences to expand the number of research and evaluation experts in BiH.