Diaspora Assessment

 The Monitoring and Evaluation Support Activity (MEASURE II) conducted the Diaspora Assessment to assess the potential for increasing the involvement of the BiH diaspora in investment in BiH. The assessment examines the opportunities and challenges associated with boosting the diaspora’s engagement in investment in their country of origin and offers recommendations with a focus on improving outreach methods for mobilizing diaspora investment, promoting an investment-friendly environment, and leveraging diaspora knowledge and skills to contribute to BiH’s development and growth.

The assessment responded to the following five key research questions:

1.  What are the most attractive sectors to diaspora investors that also have the best potential to generate jobs and income?

2.  What outreach methods for mobilizing diaspora investment might be applicable in BiH?

2.1. How is diaspora investment mobilization facilitated at the local level in BiH?
2.2. What are the main challenges for diaspora investment at the local level?

3.  What types of public–private partnership opportunities are available at the local level that could catalyze diaspora investment?

4.  What financing vehicles/models might be considered to catalyze diaspora investment in BiH?

5.  Which knowledge transfer and skills upgrade models from other countries with large diasporas could be replicated in BiH?


The assessment team applied a four-phase mixed-methods approach and sequentially triangulated data across sources to enrich the analysis of qualitative and quantitative aspects of the assessment questions. Phase One involved a review of 77 documents and creation of a database of diaspora organizations, in Phase Two the assessment team held 86 interviews with key informants and five focus groups, Phase Three reached out to the diaspora community in general through an open survey distributed through the network of diaspora organizations, while Phase Four comprised integration, analysis, and triangulation of data from all sources to develop answers to the research questions.

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