Instructor: Ann Doucette (The Evaluators' Institute (TEI))

Time: 02/01/2017 - 02/02/2017

Description: During the training course on Outcome/Impact Evaluation, monitoring and tracking approaches to assessing outcomes as well as the experimental and quasi-experimental methods that are foundation for contemporary impact evaluation were reviewed. Attention was also given to issues related to the measurement of outcomes, ensuring detection of meaningful program effects, and interpreting the magnitude of effects. Emphasis was mainly on the logic of outcome evaluation and the conceptual and methodological nature of the approaches, including research design and associated analysis issues. The lecturer highlighted the importance and devoted special part of the course to cover randomized control trial (RCT) as a "Gold Standard” in impact evaluation. However, as RCTs are not always feasible, the course also covered quasi-experimental designs such as Propensity Score Matching, Regression Discontinuity and Difference-in-Difference.